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Using the ROUND function in Perl

I was using the ROUND function within some Perl Script as follows ...
[%Begin Unverified Perl 

 my $i=1;
 my $MD1Total=0;
 my $MD1Average=0;

 for($i=1; $i<=30; $i++)

End Unverified%]

I have 60 data points (saved in MD1_r1_c1 to MD1_r1_c30 and MD1_r2_c1 to MD1_r2_c30). It's a simple average calculation across the 60 data points that I am seeking. No problems there. It works fine.

To put the icing on the cake, I wanted to round the average to 2 decimal places (always). It almost works every time. I noticed if the average was 41.40, it only saved 41.4, and not 41.40. I suspect an average of 51.00 would only appear as 51?

Was hoping to find a neat solution where my average calculation always  provided me with the nearest 2 decimal places.
asked 5 days ago by Paul Moon Platinum (101,255 points)
edited 5 days ago by Paul Moon
I tested displaying to the screen and still not the desired reponse?
I suspect that Perl is reinterpreting it as a number before it's displayed. If you put the FormatNumber call in the survey I would think it would display correctly.

The same thing is probably happening in the Admin module, but you won't be able to add the FormatNumber function there.
I did try FormatNumber without success. I may have to format it outside LHS when providing output delivery?
I created a text variable and set it with this:

[% SetValue(var, FormatNumber(Round(12345, 2), "", ".", 2)) %]

In the admin module, I see "12345.00".
Hi Zachary, I was using ROUND on it's own, then FormatNumber on it's own, then I combined them together (as per your example). Still the same result.

I'm ok to live with it. It's not a disaster.

I may do some further tests with some other examples and see what I come up with.

Thanks to you and Walter for assisting just the same. Paul.

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