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Bringing forward multiple answers into a next slider

Hi everyone,

First I want my participants to rank some options from most important - least important.

After this question, there's a new question. I want those previous ranked options, to be sorted (the way they were ranked) in this new question. They have to give the option a number on a slider scale.

Can someone please help me?
Thank you!
asked Jan 19 by Aryana

1 Answer

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Hi Aryana,

(I am copying your support answer here too)

What you need to use here is a constructed list (found in the list manager),

You need to set the initial question's list as the parents list, and then add the correct commands to perform the action you require.

In this case the command you need to use is AddSorted(QuestionName,Direction).  Specify a 0 for Direction to indicate descending order; specify 1 for ascending order.

This will add the items to the constructed list in the order in which they are selected in the ranking question.

More functions can also be found here,


Many thanks,

answered Jan 20 by Dean Tindall Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (4,125 points)