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how do i do this with constant sum

example 1 :
    percentage     Dont now
X1             20                      -9
X2            50                     -9
X3           -                          -9
Total     70
If X3 does not know ' Total can be 100 different, go to next variable

example 2:
    percentage     Dont now
X1             20                      -9
X2            50                     -9
X3           30                      -9
Total     100
I don't know in any of them otherwise there should be 100 total,go to next variable
asked Jan 19 by ercanbircan (140 points)
Sorry, I'm not entirely sure I understand.  To clarify, is this an actual constant sum question or a grid question set to use a constant sum row/column?  And you want respondents to be able to submit -9 as a "don't know" option where if any items are set to -9, we don't require the responses to add up to 100?

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