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Position conditional display in CBC at right on concept

Hi, I am setting up a CBC where I want to display conditional images to the right of the text stating the levels. All I see are "Top" and "Bottom" options in the "Position in Concept" field. Is there a way to move the image to the right?
asked Jan 13 by anonymous
This could be achieved with custom code, but I wonder about the result.  I'm guessing there's only a concept or two on the page, right?  Much more and the width of the CBC task could become fairly unwieldy.  Also, is there concern about respondents taking the survey on mobile?  More recent versions of Lighthouse Studio have built-in formatting so mobile respondents scroll through one concept at a time.  If we pack a lot of horizontal content in each concept, mobile respondents could have a worse time with the survey.
Hi, that's correct. There are two concepts on the page. They are images that are long horizontally, so we feel it makes most sense for them to be stacked one on top of the other (i.e., two rows, one concept per row).

We are excluding mobile users from this survey. It's highly visual, and we want respondents to get the full experience via desktop.

Could you help with the custom code?

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