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CBC Data Timeframe


How can I understand the timeframe of the data that was generated through a CBC?

For instance, if I estimate units sold or volume sold based on preference share, how can I understand what period of time it refers to?

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asked Jan 13 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Unfortunately conjoint analysis doesnt really give us the ability to understand what time frame the impacts will occur across.

This is due to the assumptions we make when undertaking this form of analysis,

1.  Customers have perfect information about what is available in the market
2.  There are zero barriers to people switching products (e.g. no contracts to wait out until you can switch)
3.  Products have 100% availability in the market

All of these assumptions point towards a mature state of your scenarios in comparison to your base case.

Varying the availability/awareness of new products can sometimes be used as a crude way to estimate a phased introduction of a product to a market.  E.g.  the product will only be available in 20% of stores in Year 1, 50% in Year 2 etc..  But typically the impact of a conjoint simulation is given to be instantaneous, given the previously mentioned assumptions.

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answered Jan 18 by Dean Tindall Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (4,125 points)