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Customising Maxdiff Interface

I have images and text for the maxdiff attributes. the images will show up small beside the text and the user will have the option to zoom the pictures while doing the exercise.
asked Jan 6 by Sayantan
What help are you asking for with this?  Are you in need of a certain behavior regarding zooming in on images?
Yes, Is it possible to script such a customizable framework. Currently we are taking help of some other platform for doing this.

1 Answer

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One option is to use the Tool Tip to allow respondents to “hover” over the small MaxDiff item image and make a larger version of the image appear. Lighthouse Studio has two ways to add a Tool Tip, one is a built-in Sawtooth Script function, the other is a pair of CSS classes. You can find the details here: https://sawtoothsoftware.com/help/lighthouse-studio/manual/additional-function-details.html

The other (faster) option is to use the Image Popup/Magnific Popup question from the Question Library (https://sawtoothsoftware.com/resources/question-library/image-popup). The Image Popup question adds the Magnific Popup script to your survey which will automatically make every image “clickable” and “zoomable”. The benefit here is that you don’t need to add a tool tip to each individual image. By default, the MagnificPopup question type will only add the zoom functionality to other questions on the same page, but once you’ve added it you can copy the script from the Question Footer and paste it into the global survey Page Footer to add the functionality to every page in the survey.
answered Jan 12 by Cameron Halversen Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (625 points)