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Request Link for identifying users from different countries

Hi there,

I received from the company three request links for different countries. We are sending survey for customers from three countries. Those links should identify users, thats why it has id for the country, user email and password.

It looks like this

The problem is, that I don't know where to put those links in sawthooth, cause normaly to request survey we use the link like it is described in Sawthooth Help

Does anybody know how to handle it ?
Thanks in Advance.

Kind Regards
asked May 9, 2013 by anonymous
Could you clarify if the first link is where you are going to send a respondent when they are done?  Or was it just a sample link you received and you need to capture email, gid, uemail and psw in general?
Yes, the first link is for the respondent that have completed the survey, it generates automatically an voucher/bonus/coupon code for those who have completed the survey and will be sent via email. But I don't if it's possible to realise it the way the company wants it, cause the survey will be sent to 100.000 customers in three different countries. For each country I will recieve gid. I don't know whether it could be bound as an Terminate/Link.

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I think that perhaps a simplified example will help.  Let's say I had a survey called "PizzaStudy" at www.mywebsite.com/login.html (assuming v8 of the software), and my panel provider wanted me to return back to them PanelID.  I would set up PanelID as a pass-in field (or password field if you wanted people to be able to restart if they leave).  Then the link I would give to my panel provide would be www.mywebsite.com/cgi-bin/ciwweb.pl?studyname=PizzaStudy&PanelID=XXXX

The Panel company then does the same thing with you and says to send completed respondents to www.PanelCompany.com/complete.aspx?PanelID=XXXX.  For you to dynamically fill in the XXXX with PanelID, you would put PanelID=[%PanelID%] in the link.  The scripting tags tell SSI Web return the value of PanelID saved to that respondent record.

As an example, if my Panel ID is 1234, the panel sends me this link:

When I'm done with the survey, you send me back to www.PanelCompany.com/complete.aspx?PanelID=1234.

If you have multiple links based on "gid" then you could put multiple terminate/link pages at the end of the survey and then skip logic on the last question determines which terminate/link they go to.
answered May 13, 2013 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (55,820 points)