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Loop a question after a numeric value


Is there any way I can loop some questions based on a previous numeric response in ssi-web-7?

C17a - How many dogs do you have?
CF1. What is the gender for first dog?
CF1. What is the gender for second dog?
.. etc

asked Dec 2, 2022 by Liviu
Later versions of the platform have a built-in feature for looping questions, but it doesn't seem to be as straightforward with v7.  Would one alternative be to create several questions, one for each dog, then use skips so respondents only see the number of questions they are meant to?  I think the skip logics would just be "C17a < 1", "C17a < 2", etc.
Thank you!
Can you tell me from which version is looping feature included?
Looks like it was added first in v8.  Though if you're considering an upgrade, I would recommend v9, the latest version.  It's got all the newest features + many of the custom solutions you'll find on this forum are a lot easier to get working with it.

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