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Not Applicable per Question and the Back button

Question is multi-select with NA/question
I have 3 questions:
1. Can I make the other checkboxes un-check when the N/A is checked?

2. I want the respondent to have to check either the N/A box, or between 1 and 3 of the multi-select boxes. Is this possible?

3. When the page advances and then I hit the back button, the multi-select boxes are grayed out and cannot be checked, but I want them to be able to change their answer. Can this be fixed?
asked Nov 29, 2022 by KevinB Bronze (1,070 points)
1.  This should already be the behavior.  If this is not what you're observing, either I'll need more instructions on how your survey is set up or I'd want to see your .ssi.

2.  "Not Applicable: Per Question" supports a minimum number of checks; just set "checkboxMinimumChecks" to 1.  You can apply the maximum in the regular select settings by setting the question to require between 0 and 3 checks.

3.  The original question being disabled is a general setting of the "Not Applicable" questions, regardless of whether you have navigated back to the question or are just on the question for the first time.  They don't become re-enabled until the respondent unchecks the "Not Applicable" option.  Do you want the inputs to never be disabled?

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