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Allocation algorithm for Maxdiff segments

I have done a Maxdiff and have used Latent Class to create segments.

In the future, our client might want to do their own Maxdiff (with the same items, and same number of tasks & items per task), and will want to allocate those respondents to the segments that I found now.

Therefore, I would like to create an allocation algorithm for these segments.

I was now thinking of using a "Step 3" approach in the Latent Gold software to get an allocation syntax, but maybe there is another way to do this?

(just to be clear: I do not want to reduce the number of items; and am assuming the client will do their own Maxdiff)
asked Nov 24 by Tina Van Regenmortel Bronze (615 points)
Hi Tina,

I unfortunately to not have much experience with Latent Gold, but If you are using the same Max-Diff questions and planning on re-running a the HB analysis each time then it might be worth seeing how well a simple discriminant analysis works at predicting the LC segments from the raw utilities (not the rescaled ones).

This should result in a relatively simple model for your client to recreate at a later date.

However, if you did want to reduce the number of tasks/items we do have a tool which can help with that.

Hi Dean,
if I did want to reduce the number of tasks/items, could you tell me where I can find documentation for the tool?
email in to support and I will send it on - its not the most user friendly, but gives you more options

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