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Randomly pick image - record image picked


I am creating a MaxDiff exercise, for each of my list members I have 10 pictures. When a given member is selected for inclusion in a MaxDiff set, one of its pictures is randomly displayed. This is the code I used to do this, which I got from here, thanks! https://legacy.sawtoothsoftware.com/forum/16464/randomly-pick-image-for-attribute-levels?show=16464#q16464

 <img src="[%GraphicsPath()%]Type1_[% SysRand(1, 10) %].jpg" alt="" border="0"> 

I would like to record each specific picture that was displayed for each MaxDiff set. Is this possible? I am using lighthouse studio 9.14.2

Thanks for your help,

asked Nov 16 by Richard Belcher (120 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Richard,

I would instead look to use a constructed list to generate your max-diff exercise.

If you set up your parent list with all 10 images per item, then created a constructed list like below, you can ensure that only one item is randomly chosen from each subset, is recorded, and can be analysed uniquely

answered Nov 16 by Dean Tindall Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (3,600 points)