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Linked (pass-in) variable with UniqueID

We have a study that requires a UniqueID and we want to track how the respondent accessed the study.  There are a few scenarios where respondents need to type in the UniqueID.

Whenever I try to use a pass-in (or Link) variable, and not include the UniqueID in the URL, I get Invalid login. Access denied.

So, the following example URL does not work:

This worked on previous versions of Lighthouse so I'm wondering if it is now a setting or if there is a reason for the change.
asked Nov 15 by Nwiggin Bronze (1,890 points)

1 Answer

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Hi there,

If you go into the Access settings, Access options you can change from the default "Direct Link" to the setting "Login Page".

This should still take those with with information through to the first page, but if they do not have the information present they will be able to enter it directly into the page,

answered Nov 15 by Dean Tindall Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (3,600 points)