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Looping with big lists

Hi all ... what if the list is big (175 items) and there are 12 loop iterations?  The database is so big it's unuseable!

I need to be able to extract a brand out of the loop too.  Trying to lessen the impact by putting the relevant brands into separate lists (the list they see is based on a category within the loop) and use perl to pull the right brand out after the loop.

Anyone got any other ideas? (On 9.10.1)
related to an answer for: add answersoptions based on loop
asked Nov 1, 2022 by Marion Silver (5,400 points)
Can you elaborate on exactly what problem you are observing?  The software is built to simply use additional tables if a survey requires a very large number of data columns.  What are you seeing that is unusable?
When I try to view a respondent on the admin module, the server times out.  Also, previewing a question within the software takes several minutes to view.
I'd hope the admin module wouldn't be struggling with number of columns / tables, but perhaps there's an issue there.  Have you brought this up with our support team?  They may have experience with this, or could forward you to our server ops team to see if they have any workarounds.

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