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Custom response summary chart in JavaScript

I am using Sawtooth for the CBC in my PhD research project and I was wondering if it is possible to offer each survey participant a super simple summary bar chart of their own responses (only their own, nobody else’s) after they have completed the questionnaire.

I know in Qualtrics this can be done through JavaScript, so I contacted Sawtooth Support with this request and they referred me to the forum.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!
asked Oct 28, 2022 by anonymous
No, the y-axis does stop at the max value. The issue is that it adjusts itself when the greatest value is below max value. For example: the greatest value is 3, so the y-axis only goes up to 3, but I would like it to always go up to 6 no matter what. I'll send you the code for review. Thank you!
None of your charts have the "options" code as put in my comment on January 10.
That's strange because I can see the code below in my Lighthouse Studio (page 28 of the study in the 'Variables / Question HTML' tab). Do I have to activate it somehow?

options: {
    plugins: {
        legend: {
            display: true
    scales: {
        y: {
            display: true,
            ticks: {
                max: 13
That's not the same as the code above.
Now I see it, too.
Thank you for your help - it works great without the erraneous code snippet mixed in there...

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