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Exclude attribute from select-question but show in ACBC

Hi there,

I'm trying to build an ACBC based on a select question where the participants choose 5 attributes.
These five attributes plus an additional one are to be shown in the ACBC.

My plan is to build a parent list with all the attributes (including the additional one) and then exclude the additional one for the select question. I build a constructed list, which shows the five choosen attributes (AIC) and the additional one (ANC).
But I can't figure out how to exclude (how to not show) the additional attribute from the select question.

If anyone has an idea, I'd be really thankful.
asked Oct 28, 2022 by Anneke
The two simplest ways to do this would probably be to either call "Add" with parameters so that only a subset of items are added, or add the whole parent list and call "Remove" to remove the special item.  Do these examples get you on the right track?

Add(list1, 1, 5)

Remove(list1, 6)
I tried both versions before. I don't get any errors but when testing, neighter the select question nor the ACBC is showing up.
It's hard to say what might be going on without being able to take a closer look.  It might be easiest if you can call or email in to our support team - then we can either screenshare with your or share .ssi files directly.

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