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Sawtooth software hosting error


I already uploaded a survey to the Sawtooth Software servers, but I made some changes to my survey so I want to re-upload the survey. (I have not collected data yet.) When I do 'upload survey to surver' I get the following error:
 ERROR [AutoUploader]...: Cannot access a disposed object.
so it does not work.

How can I re-upload my survey to the server without deleting it?

Thank you in advance.
asked Oct 27, 2022 by Lisa (140 points)
Does this happen every time you try uploading?
When I uploaded it for the first time, I had no problems. This is the first time I try to (re)upload my changes. It is also the first time I use the sawtooth software server. For previous studies, I used manual uploading.
If you retry the upload, does the same error occur?
Yes, I tried 3 times but the same error keeps occuring.
Can you send me the log files to walt@sawtoothsoftware.com?
I went home and tried again and now it works.
That's great. Hopefully it was just a temporary issue, but let us know if you have problems again.
Okay. Thank you!

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