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How can I add an additional text next to the combo box?

I need to make it look like this,

How often do you change clothes?

__________ Day/s

I need to add the word "Day/s" next to the combo "box" which contains the drop down list for the options.  Thank you.
asked Dec 1, 2011 by anonymous
edited Apr 3, 2014 by Walter Williams
Isn't this just a simple numeric question where you can add text in the question section (eg. %, days, etc.) and under the settings tab you can select "left or right" where it says "Position question left/right of input box"? Nothing fancy required.

2 Answers

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It appears that there is an easy way to get "Day/s" to appear BEFORE the combo box: just put "Day/s" in the "Question" field area on the Question Text dialog for your Select question.

To get it to appear after the combo box would require recasting the entire question as Free Format question.
answered Dec 1, 2011 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (195,915 points)
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Here are two solutions for ssi-web-6:

1) Format the question as a "grid".  Edit the row/column setting, add "Day/s" to the  "Cell Input Labels" field, then select "Position label 'Right' of input".

2.) If you know javascript, then call the id of the combo box (if using document.getElementById(), then don't forget "_input" if necessary... review the question html if you're unsure if this is necessary), then call the id's parentNode and do something like this:
document.getElementById('q1_input').parentNode.innerHTML += document.getElementById('q1_input')+'Day/s';
answered Dec 1, 2011 by Ryan Bronze (695 points)
edited Dec 1, 2011 by Ryan