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Adding to a constructed list from 2 previous multi-select questions


I have 2 select questions (q15-4 answer options and q16-10 answer options). In q18, I want to make a constructed list which takes into consideration these previous answer choices.

In Q16, whatever they say 1 through 10 I want to show that answer choice in q18. As such I made a list called BagsAware which lists the 10 answer choices.

If they select option 3 or 4 in q15, I want to show that answer choice in Q18 so I listed the 2 answer choices (11 and 12) from q15.

I also have an "other" and "not sure" option (option 13 and 14 in my BagsAware list).

BagsAwareOf is my constructed list and BagsAware is the parent.
For Q18 I have BagsAwareOf as the response list option.

Unfortunately it's just showing all 14 options during testing, regardless of what I select in Q15 or Q16. Please help!

Begin Unverified Perl

if (GETVALUE("Q16_1")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 1);
if (GETVALUE("Q16_2")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 2);
if (GETVALUE("Q16_3")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 3);
if (GETVALUE("Q16_4")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 4);
if (GETVALUE("Q16_5")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 5);
if (GETVALUE("Q16_6")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 6);
if (GETVALUE("Q16_7")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 7);
if (GETVALUE("Q16_8")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 8);
if (GETVALUE("Q16_9")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 9);
if (GETVALUE("Q16_10")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 10);
if (GETVALUE("Q15_3")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 11);
if (GETVALUE("Q15_4")) {
    ADD("BagsAware", 12);
End unverified
asked Sep 13, 2022 by Rick (310 points)
What are the details of the list being used in Q15?  Is it a constructed list that pulls four items off of BagsAware?
The Q15 list is a standard one, not a constructed one and does not pull items from anywhere.
I'm not seeing what would cause the issue then with the provided information.  Would it be possible for you to share your .ssi with our support team so I can take a closer look?
Sure! Can you explain where to send the file?
It's support@sawtoothsoftware.com.

1 Answer

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I would typically include an ==1 with each GETVALUE statement.  Otherwise double check spelling and capitalization.
answered Sep 13, 2022 by Jay Rutherford Platinum (52,770 points)