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Redirect Survey At the end of survey


We have a problem. We use screener question using sawtooth, then we redirect our survey to our clients platform. When our clients survey will be completed, the survey will be redirected again at the end of our survey.

The end page number is : 25. So redirect our survey to page 25 ?

Is it possible?
Best Regards.
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asked Aug 4 by verismer (360 points)
reshown 5 days ago by verismer
You need to use the "sys_skipto" feature when leaping back in to your Sawtooth Software survey from your client survey.

Note the following from the Sawtooth Software help ...

If you want to restart a questionnaire and skip to ("link to") a specific question name, you can do so by including a "sys_skipto" variable within the URL hyperlink (note: only works for restarts).  For example:


The hyperlink above restarts the tep1 survey and skips respondents directly to Q11.