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Check for Straightlining behavior in CBC Tasks


The following script checks for straightliners in CBC Tasks. For example, if a respondent always selects the first choice set in all of the ten tasks, they will be eliminated from the survey.

Now I want to check for straightlining behavior for 9 tasks. That means that a respondent should be eliminated from the survey if he selects the same choice set already in nine choice tasks.

Is there a possibility to adjust the following code for this feature?

<input type="hidden" name="SetStraightlinerCBC_Dummy" id="SetStraightlinerCBC_Dummy" value="[% Begin Unverified Perl
# Parameters
my $exer = 'CBCTest';
my $tasks = 10;

# Run
my $resp = GETVALUE($exer . '_Random1');
for (my $i = 2; $i <= $tasks; $i++) {
    if (GETVALUE($exer . '_Random' . $i) != $resp) {
        return 0;
return 1;
End Unverified %]"/>

I am looking forward for you help!
asked Aug 1 by ulricin (140 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Ingrid,

Looking at the code I think you just need to update $mytasks  = 10, to $mytasks = 9

answered Aug 1 by Dean Tindall Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (1,325 points)