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Trouble with data generator since update?

Just updated to 8.2.2 from 8.1 and now the data generator isn't working. No matter how many respondents I tell it to generate, it only generates 1. Is anybody else having this problem?
asked Apr 26, 2013 by cschlosser Bronze (1,005 points)
The data generator has only been in the software since 8.2 not 8.1. So I'm assuming that's what you meant. Can you elaborate more? What settings are you using? Does your study have passwords? Merged fields? Pass-in fields? Was this a study that you were using the data generator for in 8.2 and it was working but is not anymore? Are you testing remotely or locally? Are you using the browser? Are you using defined values? Does the software give you an error? If so, what is the error?  Providing this information can help us provide you a solution or an explanation.
This is a new study, so I haven't tested data generator on it in the earlier release.

I have it set up to test remotely through the live link. I'm not using browser. I'm trying to collect 250 respondents, starting at the beginning, keeping all skip logic and randomization in place. I'm not assigning a starting respondent number. There are no defined values, and I have no passwords, pass-ins or merged fields. There are no termination questions, either, so I know it's not getting caught up on that.

Advanced settings are all at default (70% for non-required questions, 100% completion rate, 2 simultaneous respondents).

I'm not getting any error message. It just does the generation, and then when I "Get Data," it only accumulates one respondent.
What are you using as the live link? I wonder if it is even generating at all. When you accumulate does it say new respondent, updated, ignored?  Is the data generator finishing really fast? I suspect the link you are using could be part of the problem.
It's similar to the links I always use, but it does seem to be having a problem. When I click it (http://r8brand.com/c08/login.html), I get the following error: Error:Cannot load library: authlib8_2_2.pl. Other survey uploads are working fine.

I tried deleting it off of the server and re-uploading, but that didn't work. Any other ideas?

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