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CustomDropdown question with an "Other-specify"

Hello, I'm having a slight problem with the custom dropdown question from the question library. I want the respondent to be able to input an "other" response, and it seems to be working swimmingly except for 1 thing. Every time while testing I can type between 1 and 3 characters in the box before the dropdown closes and I need to go find the  "other" option again and resume typing. Is this something that can be fixed or worked around?

Thanks in advance!
asked Jun 23 by KevinB Bronze (710 points)
By default "Custom Dropdown" will automatically close the dropdown when a response is selected.  If you change the "closeDropdownOnSelection" from "true" to "false", does the resulting behavior satisfy your needs?
Yes I believe it probably does. We'll have to see if my client has any strong feelings about that solution but it seems to work nicely. Thanks!

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