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Sorting issue with elements starting with "Inf"

I have a predefined list called "Brands" with brand names containing "Infinity".
For some reason we have to sort the predefined list in a constructed list. I use this code to do that:
Using this constructed list in a dropdown select, Infinity is not at the correct position. It seems that the string part "Inf" causes the problem. Same problem occurs if I sort a list containing the word "Information".
Another effect: Uploaded to our server and tested online, "Infinity" ist always on last position.
I am using Lighthouse 9.14.0.
asked Jun 23 by Markus Rösch (120 points)
I have noticed this issue also. I ended up having to create a constructed list via a more manual approach using a series of ADD commands in the alphabetical order I needed.

Words like "Construction" and "Consulting" pose the same problem. And yes I have had issues with the word "Information".

I suspect this requires a bug fix.

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