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Randomize 9 different pictures

I am doing an experimental design and have 9 different types of stimuli.

1. I wonder how to randomize these 9 stimuli pictures in one questionnaire
2. Another issue is that there are multiple pages in the survey, and the same picture being randomized needs to also come up on the other pages. Is it possible to do that?

Thanks a lot!!
asked May 14 by joanneyu (120 points)

1 Answer

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Without having more detail as to how you are using these, it's hard to be too specific.  Are you showing all images in a random order or are you looking to only choose one of the 9 images on each survey randomly?  If you are just choosing one randomly but are looking to get an equal representation in your study then you may consider setting a quota question with the least fill setting being used.  Create 9 quota items (1 for each image) and set each to the same total quota number and set it to use least fill.  Then you can show the correct image based on which quota number that respondent fell into.  You could return the image using Unverified Perl, or you could create a list where each image is a list item.  You could then create a constructed list and add the list member based on the quota selected.  Then everywhere you want the image to be shown just return the listlabel for item one of your constructed list.
answered May 14 by Jay Rutherford Platinum (50,145 points)
Did you remember to remove the skip logic you initially added to the quota question?
Yes I did.
Though i can see the response in the "View Data", I can also see the image used for that survey.  But it's just that the response is showing as "Disqualified"
Also, if you haven't, you need to have another terminate question for completed interviews.  Place it at the end where ALL respondents will encounter the question (make sure it is before the over quota terminate question).  You can put closing text on this one thanking them for their time or something similar.
I did not have that. Just added and tried it out, everything works now! Big thanks to you!
That's what we are all here for!  Very happy to help.  You will find so much helpful information here and a great community of people that can help you achieve just about anything you need!