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Select Carousel Question


I have three fixed concepts with 3 fixed attributes each. They are shown in a table in the paper questionnaire, but this will be too wide for mobile. It should be a single-select-question where users have to choose one concept.

Is there a way to display the three options in a select type question in a carousel style on mobile? I'm thinking of  something like the carousel-style concept presentation in the mobile CBC version. Any ideas?

asked Apr 27, 2022 by Kathrin (440 points)
If these questions are setup as fixed tasks in a CBC exercise, they should already have the mobile functionality of random CBC tasks.  That might not be the case if you were using a free format CBC - is that what you are doing?
The question is a regular select question with three answer options. As the answer options are fixed concepts, I would like to configure the appearance of this question like a CBC screen. Does that make sense?
That's possible, but could be a sizeable task if starting from scratch.  Would it be acceptable to start with this item from the Community Question Library as a starting point?


Three questions could be used, with custom script forcing respondents to select one item.

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