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How to emulate the "skip to" dropdown in test mode in live link


For a long while we have the upper extra section during testmode, which enables us to jump to any question.

Is there a way to mimic that behavior on live link? The reason I am after such a feature is for the internal link testing, the teams who are doing the last phase of testing do not have Lighthouse Studio installed and are testing via live link. In longer surveys where multiple path testing is required, it becomes a burden to go back multiple pages.

my initial ideas were to either try to extract/inject the testmode div or try to use the sys_skipto parameter with some self generated dropdown.
asked Apr 13 by Bahadir Ozkurt Gold (16,980 points)
Arbitrary skipping was made unavailable in live surveys for security so respondents wouldn't be able to see potentially restricted content.  Reversing this would probably require some fairly gnarly changes to the shipped .pl files.

Would it be an option for you to add skips to the start of the survey that the testers can trigger when they need to test certain parts of the questionnaire?
Hi Zachary, beggars cant be choosers :)

Of course that would be more than what we have right now, do you mean hyperlinks with sys_Skipto parameters or something else?
"Reversing this would probably require some fairly gnarly changes to the shipped .pl files."
Would uploading the local test folder to a webserver work (not in prod environment but to another test environment server for example)
I'm just talking about the normal skips that you use in a survey.  You could create a select question at the start of the survey and send testers to different points based on their response.

I have not experimented with uploading test files to a server before.
:s normal skips... of course :)

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