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Calculated fields in CBC

Hi all,

In ACBC conditional display allows to add rows which are no attributes for which utilities are measured. Is this also possible in CBC? Imagine a setup were concepts consist of attributes "product", "list price" ($) and "discount" (%). I would like to test how different discounts affect choice behavior. To make the exercise more easy to understand for respondents I would still like to show the "final price" (list price - discount %) per concept. As list price should be in $ and discount should be in % this would need to be calculated per concept.

Would it be possible to calculate the final price per concept and show this either as
    a) A conditional display row
    b) A tooltip, displayed when hovering over the discount level

Every answer is very much appreciated!
asked Apr 12 by JoGu (310 points)
In the "Attributes" tab of your CBC settings, there should be a button labelled "Conditional Relationships."  Does the functionality in that area meet your needs?

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