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CBC to test different price components

Dear all,

I am planning to conduct a CBC to measure the effect of different list price/discount combinations in a B2B setup for different products and different competitor prices. More specific, the attributes would be "product", "competitor price" ($), my "list price" ($) and my "discount" (%).
As seeing and comparing different products in the same task does not make sense from a respondent perspective I prohibited this with between concept prohibitions. Thus only one product type is shown per page.
However as products might be quite different I would also like to display different competitor prices and own list prices depending on product.

My questions are:
a) Is such a design feasible?
b) Does such a design make sense, to measure effects of different prices and discounts? Or would another method like ACA, ACBC be more appropriate?
c) What might be consequences of such a design when conducting HB analyses, given that I include that many prohibitions?

Thank you very much in advance!
asked Apr 12 by JoGu (310 points)

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