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Question Text behind Open End

I wanted to ask a numeric question with comma as decimal, however, as this was not working with a normal numeric question, I switched to an open-end and check if only numbers or commas are in the reply. However, I wanted to put "€" behind the text field. Does anyone have a HTML code for this.

Thanks in advance
asked Apr 1 by JoshuaS (250 points)
There's a field in the global study settings for decimal point character.  If you set this to "comma or period," does the numeric question work for you?
Found it, thanks a lot Zachary. Just wondering, but how do I put the text behind an open text field? A free format is probably too  elaborate for this, right?
Assuming the open-end is set to single line, this should do it:

    $('#[% QuestionName() %]').after('<span>€</span>');

Free formats are trickier to advise about.  Almost anything that can be done with regular questions can be done with free formats, and vice versa.  But how difficult either route can be depends on how comfortable one is with HTML, CSS, and JS.  If you are already comfortable with those - or want to get some practice with them - then free formats can be a great choice.  Just be sure to test your creation thoroughly to verify that the question works right and the data is stored as expected.
Perfect, thank you very much. Appreciate your help :-)

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