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The best and worst products are calculated in the maxdiff model

Take out the best product, the worst product in the maxdiff model,Answer the best reason, the worst reason

How to write code please help.

Thank you very much!
asked Apr 1 by Grace
If you want to display the highest-ranked item in a follow-up question, you can use this script:

[% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(mxd, 1) %]

"mxd" being the name of the MaxDiff exercise.

To show the lowest-ranked item, you can use the same script, but replace the "1" with the number of items shown in the exercise.
Dear Zachary,
  Thank you very much!
  What version does this function apply to, and if it is lower than this version, is there any other better way?
What version are you using?
Dear Zachary,
Thank you for your reply.
My version is 6.6.18.
That is a very old version and one I do not have experience with.  Looking at the version history page, it appears that these functions were likely added in v7:


If you could access the respondent's MaxDiff design and responses on a later survey page, it might be possible - but it would require input from someone with more stats knowledge than me to say what calculations we'd need to manually do to determine the best and worst items.

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