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numeric Hours or/and minutes

Hello Sawtooth,

I need your help to adapt your "NotApplicable" variable.
Below I have a question in hours and minutes (numeric) and 2 checkboxes. When I check 1 of the 2 checkboxes I want to disable the 2 numeric fields.

Q. On average, how much time per week do you spend caring for your children?
(Open-numeric question, record exact answer in hours and minutes)

/_/_/ Hours /_/_/ Minutes
.Don't know
.Not concerned

asked Mar 30 by Sylvain V
It sounds like "Not Applicable: Per Question" should be able to handle this.  You say you have two different numeric inputs - is this a free format question?
Hi Zachary,
It doesn't matter what type of question.
Important thing is that when I check one or the other (.Don't know or .Not concerned) the numeric fields get greyed out.

Either I answer the numeric fields or I check one of the buttons.
Then it doesn't seem any adaptation should be required.  Use a grid or a free format question to get these two fields and set them to not require a response.  Then add the N/A question and set its list to have the two items you need.

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