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CBC choice sets are not shown mobile view

Unfortunately, the CBC choice sets are no longer displayed in the tablet/mobile view. It used to work, but now only the CBC question is displayed, but not the actual choice sets. It doesn't work in the preview or in the hosted survey. I use Lighthouse Studio 9.13.1. What can I do to make this work again? Thanks a lot!
asked Mar 29 by Pia (400 points)
There's a "Mobile Layout" setting in your CBC settings, in the "Format" tab.  Has this been changed to "Maintain desktop layout"?
Thank you for your quick reply and comment. It is set to "scroll concepts horistonally". I just tried "scroll concepts vertically" which works. What could be the reason that "horistonally" does not work and how can I fix it? Thank you very much!
I'm not sure.  If you open your browser console (F12, then navigate to a tab labelled "Console") when the horizontal scrolling is not working, are there any error messages?

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