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Willingness to pay on different payment options

Hi experts,

I'm designing a CBC exercise with multiple payment options and other attributes. So far I have three options which are:
1. Pay monthly (flat fee)
Price 1
Price 2
Price 3 etc

2. Pay by number of users
1 user: price 1, price 2, price 3
2-3 users: price 1,2,3,etc
4-9 users: price 1,2,3, etc

3. Pay by orders
100 orders: price 1 per order, price 2, price 3
200 orders: price 1,2,3
300 orders: price 1,2,3

I've used alternative specific functions to design the exercise,  but I don't know how to simulate WTP in the market simulator as the price range is quite different for each option.

Do I just test one payment option at a time? Can I set up two products with different payment options and calculate WTP?

Many thanks,
asked Mar 27 by Emma Bronze (840 points)

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