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Drag-and-drop / Misalignment

I've created a drag-and-drop ranking question. I want to bold some words in the sentences, but the sentences get misaligned when I try to bold. I use <b> </b> in the option code. Does anyone know how I can prevent the misalignment?

And how can I add an other with a Specify option for the ranking part?

Thank you in advance
asked Jan 21 by ECE (140 points)
edited Jan 21 by ECE
Other specify is not an option baked into drag-and-drop ranking questions, but it is possible with "Custom Drag-and-Drop Ranking" from the Community Question Library.  You can download it from here and import it into your question library in Lighthouse Studio:


Regarding bold text, is the problem just that the bold letters are a bit wider and that forces some text to wrap to another line?
Hi Zachary,
Thank you for the answer.
Regarding the bolding problem,  when I try bolding some words from the options, the text becomes misaligned.  The space between wordings get larger for bolded words.

Here you can find the example:

It should require more than just bolded text to produce that behavior.  Can you share the full HTML of the label for that item?  And any other custom CSS or JS that you have added to your question?

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