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Filled-In Semantic Differential

Hey, how can I apply the filled-in semantic differential?

I just downloaded the file, but don't know how to insert it into my semantic differential question. If I copy the code and insert it there it doesn't work.

Any ideas?
asked Jan 19 by Honeybadger Bronze (890 points)
You shouldn't have to copy-and-paste any code.  After downloading the .zip file from the Community Question Library, you can go into your question library in Lighthouse Studio, click "Import...", and select the .zip.  When you go to add a new question to your survey, you should see "FilledInSemanticDiff" in the "Library" section.  Once you've added the question to your survey, the filled-in behavior should just work.
Thank you Zachary! I got it.
Now I want to insert the single slider from question library but only see a grid after I loaded the template from library and even if I adapt the instructions I don’t see a slider
Need help! :)
"Sliders: Single Value" requires the use of the "Better Lighthouse Library" in your study as well.  Have you included that?  That tool itself comes with a special security setting change that you must make if running Lighthouse Studio 9.12 or above.
Yeah, but should I include better lighthouse library also as a question? Than there is no connection or should i copy the footer into the slider single value question

Edit: Got it! I forgot the security setting change! My fault.
Glad to hear it.  To clarify for next time, the BLL code just needs to be somewhere on the page.  You could move the code into the sliders question if you think that is easiest, but it will also work as a new question on the same page.  When creating a study with many questions that require the BLL, some users move the code into a global study setting so it automatically applies to every page.
Thanks for the advise. But as I see it works only at the global study setting or as an additional question on the same page.
To move the code into the footer of the sliders question doesn't work, than the whole page is blank
Oh right, there is a CSS rule in the Branching code that hides the text question itself (otherwise there'd be a bit of extra whitespace on the page).  We'd need to remove that part if moving the code into another question otherwise it will hide that question instead.

#[% QuestionName() %]_div {
    display: none;

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