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Carousel randomize

Hello Sawtooth,

I have just programmed a carousel as you suggest.
Unfortunately I did not find how to make sub-questions rotate randomly. I tried option "Randomize Questions on the page" but it doesn't seem to work. Can we do that in this type of question?

Carousel => question wording in header2
Q4A => sub-question in header2
Q4B=> sub-question in header2
Q4C=> sub-question in header2
Q4D=> sub-question in header2

asked Jan 17 by Sylvain V
Are you using the tool in the Community Question Library to build this carousel?  If not, what code are you using?
Hello Zachary, Yes I have used the tool in the Community Question Library.
To succeed I created a constructed list and I display the sub-questions with "listlabel(Qx,1)" "listlabel(Qx,2)" but maybe there is more simple ?

1 Answer

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I hadn't thought about the use of randomization in the carousel.  I'll need to put some thought into adding that in the next update.

In the meantime, I think we can hack this in for the simple case.  I would start by creating a predefined list where each item is the name of a question involved in the carousel.  Then we can create a constructed list that randomizes that list.  Finally, we can update line 6 of the carousel footer to set the pages to our randomized list:

var pages = [% ListLabelsArray(list1) %];

"list1" being the name of the constructed list.
answered Jan 17 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (202,625 points)
Thanks !
I used function "listlabel(QXALEA,1) listlabel(QXALEA,2) ..."
Construct List
ADD (QXList)
It works well but it's not very easy to process datas afterwards.
I didn't manage to do what you suggest.