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Skip start page if quota is full

Hello all,

(thought I would find a similar doubt here, but search returned nothing on this. Also read section 1.5.3 - "Quota Control Settings" - of the documentation, but that didn't solved me the problem)

I have a simple quota to control the number of respondents on my survey. If this quota is full, I would like to redirect them to another survey. In that situation, I'm currently able to skip respondents correctly to the redirection question, but only *after* presenting the start page (one with instructions about the survey). I have the quota question before the start question (in the same page), and since pre-skips are not allowed on the first page, I don't know how can I solve this. I know there is a way of providing the link and bypass the start question, but this is not an option, since the survey is already online, and so the links have been already distributed many weeks ago.

If anyone can give a hint, I would appreciate it a lot. I'm with SSI Web 7.0.26.

Thanks in advance,
asked Mar 20, 2013 by João Fernandes Bronze (2,040 points)

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I would probably change your start page to something like "Click next to begin the Survey."  Then move all your instructions to the second page where can have skip logic in place.  If the quotas are full, then you can do a skip to a terminate/link page that redirects respondents to the second survey automatically.
answered Mar 21, 2013 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (56,045 points)
selected Mar 21, 2013 by João Fernandes