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Progess Bar Different Page Amount For Each Respondent

Hey there,

i just put this code into the survey settings HTML Tag and it worked very well.

    $('.progress_bar .left_cell').text($('.progress_bar_inner').attr('style').replace(/[^0-9%]/g, ''));

But now I just want to put some more detail on it.
First of all I had to choose Total questions seen because of block randomization but respondents don't see the same amount of pages so I don't know which number I should insert into "Est. % Each Respondent Will See"

Overall I got two different scenarios:
1) 19/81 Pages are shown – 23,45%
2) 31/81 Pages are shown – 38,27%

Left pages are shown in two other scenarios but with the same amount of pages, so my two different values are the percentages above.

If I choose 30% value for this cell, in scenario 1) the progress bar would be at around 70% on the last page and jump to 100% then, scenario 2) would be at around 98% a few pages before the end.

Any solutions so far two solve this problem?

Many thanks!
asked Jan 14 by Honeybadger Bronze (890 points)

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