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show different terminate pages

Hey guys,

is there an opportunity to insert two different terminate pages.
1) normal, basic one at the end of the survey
2) if someone doesn't match the quota, he would be skipped to this page and read not only notes of thanks, but get explained that his demographics doesn't match the quota.

First thought was to put both at the end, and insert a skip logic from QuotaEnd to NormalEnd with a Pre-Skip if NormalEnd already showed, but skip from terminate doesn't work.

Any ideas? Thanks!
asked Jan 14 by Honeybadger Bronze (890 points)

1 Answer

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You can place your terminate questions any where within your survey, but you need to apply the appropriate skip logic.

Once a respondent reaches a terminate question their survey is final.

So we do not skip from terminate questions, we only skip to them.

I would make the complete terminate question as 2nd last and the quota fail terminate last.

Once a respondent has quota failed at any of the quota questions, skip them to the quota fail terminate question.

Let the respondents who complete the survey run all the way through the survey in to the complete terminate question. No skips required here.

Does this answer all your queries?
answered Jan 14 by Paul Moon Platinum (98,990 points)
selected Jan 14 by Honeybadger
Thanks! Yes I understand, it seems very simple. First I thought after complete terminate they will also see quota terminate.
Once any terminate question has been reached it’s all over, although you can leap from a terminate question to another survey or url if necessary.