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failure in customizable dropdown

I have survey question that works but I have copied it and it is not work. The dropdown pops up the options and then they are replaced by the keyboard and entries do not correspond to the list.  I assume this has something to do with the closures but I am not sure as I have not had this issue before on copies of the same question.  The full script is too long to include here but I am wondering if there was an update I need to know abuout to Better Lighthouse or something that could change how this is working from one question to another.
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asked Jan 14 by sallen Bronze (2,245 points)
closed 1 day ago by sallen
OK.  I will try that.  I thought some of this code was changed however.
It could be, but trying again from the CQL would still offer some insight about the problem.  If the question newly downloaded from the CQL works, then we know the issue is with the changes to your question.  If not, then we know the issue is with your study or with Lighthouse Studio.
Ok. I made that change but it is still having the same issue..Can i send an email with what I am seeing?
Go ahead and send it in to support.
OK.  I sent in a screenshot of the issue. Thanks.