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Is it possible to change the code plan by exporting a CBC design study in case of any of the four design strategies ?

Dear Concern,

The code plan used in the CBC design study by any of the design strategies is linear coded (1,2,3).

If I want to convert them in 0,1,2 instead of 1,2,3 (considering 3 levels for 5 attributes)- it shows an error, Why?

N:B- I wanted to know if the design is orthogonal or D-efficient design
asked Jan 10 by Ali

1 Answer

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Our designs do NOT use linear coding during estimation unless you tell them to.  By default they'll transform the 1, 2, 3 coding to effects coding.

Our software recognizes the 0 code as a missing level.  This allows our software do to things like make alternative-specific designs, but it is a slightly different convention than used by published design catalogs.

Our designs aim to be near D-efficient:  they try to make sensible tradeoffs between orthogonality and level balance, two of the most important criteria for efficient designs.
answered Jan 10 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (108,675 points)