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ACBC - Some respondents excluded in utility estimation, but show up in counts

I have an ACBC study with 265 completes.  All 265 completes show up when I run counts, but 9 are missing in the utility estimation.  I initially thought I messed something up with my filters, I also ran the analysis for all respondents (including incompletes).  The same respondents are missing in both utility runs.

I checked the individual records in the counts summary and the missing respondents made it all the way through the tournament and calibrations, so I'm not sure why they are missing from the utilities.

(note: the missing respondents are distributed throughout the sample i.e. they are not all in one spot / there are good respondents before and after)
asked Jan 7 by dpatek (405 points)
edited Jan 8 by dpatek
BTW, I figured out the problem.  Because of rounding, I didn't set the minimum value for the summed price low enough for the piecewise estimation.  (The excluded respondents were shown a price lower than the minimum I set).

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