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Max Fill Quota

Is it possible to do a max fill quota?  Our client has a specific request that I think we'll need to use a quota for.

What our client wants to do is: based on a respondent's response to three multiple select questions (named Q12a/Q12b/Q12c) they will be bucketed into one of three groups using least fill.  I've been using a least-fill quota to do this.

Then, they want to show one image in a following set of questions.  This image will be determined by the responses chosen in Q12a/Q12b/Q12c that qualified them for the group they were assigned to in the previous paragraph.  Each response in Q12a/Q12b/Q12c corresponds to a separate image.  So if a respondent can potentially be shown more than one image they want to choose that image based on max fill.

For example, say someone gets bucketed as one of the three groups and selected both A at Q12b and A at Q12c, we should show the image that from one of those selections that has been selected most often.

Thanks in advance.  We're using Lighthouse 9.13.0.
asked Jan 6 by Quentin Bronze (510 points)
Your example respondent can be shown an related to Q12b or Q12c, even though they were put only into one of quota cells?  Do respondents just see any image associated with a checkbox they selected regardless of which quota cell they ended up in?
In the example, the respondent can qualify for the first quota cell if they picked either A in Q12b or A in Q12c.  So the possible images that can be shown are the ones associated with A in Q12b or A in Q12c since that's what qualified them for their quota cell.

So respondents can't see any image regardless of which quota cell they ended up in.  The images that are chosen from need to be associated with the checkboxes that qualified them for the quota cell that they ended up in.
Would a two-tier quota system work then?  If a respondent gets put into the first quota cell, we skip them to another quota question that has a quota cell for each A-related image (qualified only if they selected that item).  Same with the second quota cell going to its own follow-up quota question for B-related images, and so on.
Yes, I think that's a good approach and I believe that should work.
Thanks Zachary for your two tier quota suggestion, that pointed me in the right direction.  I think I finally got it figured out yesterday.  I was able to set up a two tier quota and for each of the image second tier quotas, I modified your Even Distribution Quota from the Question Library to to be max-fill, and then made sure respondents only qualified for each image quota cell if they selected the appropriate response.

Thanks again!
Great, always glad to hear about the Community Question Library helping a user out.

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