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Limit participation with pass-in ID

Hi ,

We have a project. We're using panel for data collection.

Panel provider firm asked me to add "id1" and "id2" variables.  I' ve added this variables into pass-in fields.

The problem is , the panelists must enter the survey only one time. But using pass-in fields they can enter the survey more than one time.

I cannot use password tab because panel providers do not share their id values.

Best Regards and happy new year.
asked Jan 2 by verismer (300 points)

2 Answers

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Why don't you insert a variable in to the password fields and define the data type accordingly. This will restrict the respondent going into your survey only once.

If you do not know the passwords up front, given they are generated on the fly, then go to the "Settings" tab and click on the "Allow respondents to define their own passwords" check box. Also enter a minimum number of characters for the passwords which the panel should be able to inform you of.

This will allow the panel to allocate passwords to respondents on the fly, without you knowing what they are until respondents click on their respective survey links.

If you need to cater for any additional variables being passed in to your survey by the panel, define these under the pass-in fields.

And a Happy New Year to you too.
answered Jan 2 by Paul Moon Platinum (97,470 points)
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Beyond what Paul has suggested (which should do the trick) I will also add that I always create my own passwords and provide the panel companies with whatever number of links they need.  Then they append whatever fields that they want me to capture (like id1 and id2).  Then you can control each link being used one time.
answered Jan 2 by Jay Rutherford Gold (49,130 points)
Agree with Jay as that provides an ID at your end.

I guess when you get comfortable with the panel providers you use regularly, you get accustomed to their normal practice and habits and you apply the appropriate setup.