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BYOCondText questiontype input


I want to show text for an attribute with levels that consist of images in the BYO question within the ACBC exercise, while the BYO question is asked using dropdowns. So, I need to show text if the question is BYO type.
Does anyone know how I should define my input for the List Member Text of every level for that specific attribute?

I did the following: [% BYOCondText("ACBC_BYO", "ING") %]
But it gives an error: The function 'BYOCondText' is being used with the wrong type or the wrong number of arguments.

Also, if the question type is not BYO, it should show an image:
<img src="[%GraphicsPath()%]ING.png" alt="" border="0" HEIGTH="35px" align="top">
asked Dec 28, 2021 by Robin

1 Answer

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How I might do it is set the level text to have both the image and the BYO text, but with the text wrapped in span tags:

<span class="byoText">lorem ipsum</span>
<img src="example.png"/>

The BYO will handle not displaying the image for us, so all we have left to do is add this CSS to the non-BYO questions of the exercise to hide the text:

.byoText {
    display: none;
answered Jan 3 by Zachary Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (202,625 points)