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Dropdown does not show options with images

I have added different levels for an attribute to an ACBC Exercise. These levels contain images, but no text.
However, in a BYO question these images are not shown, and the levels that can be selected are empty/white rows.
Is it possible to solve this, or show a text instead of the images, but in other questions such as the Screener etc. showing the image of these levels?
asked Dec 24, 2021 by Robin
I don't think text box elements support graphics inside them (I'm not 100% sure though). If you switch to radio buttons they should show.

There are ways to change the text, but it requires writing if/then statements in the Perl language and the Questionname (if the questionname()=BYO, return X, else return Y kind of a thing). I'm not too great at this type of code, but the US office is closed where the developers are who usually chime in these type of things so I'm going to give it a few days and see if someone comes in with an example.

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