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Must Have question not shown in ACBC

I set the number of Must Haves in the design settings of the ACBC Exercise, but there is no Must Have question shown in the study.

Does anyone know how this can happen, or how to solve this problem?
asked Dec 24, 2021 by Robin

1 Answer

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Unacceptable and Must-have questions only show if the survey is answered in a way to show them.  For example, you have 6 brands and you reject all but 1, they will first show in the unacceptable questions and then eventually the 1 brand not rejected will show in the must-have.
answered Dec 24, 2021 by Brian McEwan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (56,045 points)
Every mix of answers I try, the Must-have question is never shown, while the Unaccebtables are shown though...
It feels like there is an error somewhere in the code.
If you would like to send in your survey to support@sawtoothsoftware.com and walk us through how you are answering we can take a look.
Hi Brian,

Thank you. I tried it again yesterday, and I got a Must-Have question while I was testing. So I think it should work now.