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Condition Pricing - utility interpretation for normal attributes


I am having a CBC study with 8 attributes. I set up the conditionl pricing for 2 groups of my produtcs
The table is proportional with 3-level Price attribute (low, medium, high)
Brand A, brand B and brand C: 500 USD, 1000 USD, 1500 USD
Brand D: 300 USD, 600 USD, 900 USD

I read in the technical paper "Three Ways to Treat Overall Price in Conjoint Analysis" about how to interprete the conditional attribute (brand) with the price level shown, but I am not so sure how to analyse the other normal attributes which have no conditional relationships with price.

I definitely want to check the main effects, and also two-way interaction terms between price and other normal attributes. Is there any difference in the way we interprete the result?

Thank you very much.
asked Dec 21, 2021 by Phoebe (140 points)

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