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Create a different attribute for alternative-specific design where 2 alternatives have the same attributes and levels?


I am creating a labelled design with 4 alternatives. These are 2 alternatives that each vary in their label only. Let's call them Cola and Pepsi and the variations in label are Cola Light and Pepsi Light. Both Cola and Pepsi each share the same attributes and levels with their "Light" versions.

When creating an attribute for my alternative-specific design, do I still need to create an attribute for each of the 4 alternatives or can I create, let's say 2 "price" attributes that are alternative-specific to both Cola/Cola Light and Pepsi/Pepsi Light?

I feel like that would give me more information because there are less parameters to be estimated, but I am not sure if that is the way to go.

Thanks in advance
asked Dec 21, 2021 by Tom (345 points)

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