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Test videos with a MaxDiff


We are thinking of conducting a Max-Diff study to test 6 commercial ad videos (30 seconds each). The videos are not entirely different from one another, but only different at a couple of places during the entire video (in terms of the tagline, product shown).

We wanted to reach out for help to see if Max-Diff is the best way to do this or are there any simpler / better / more creative alternates we could go with? (like doing a pairwise testing for A vs B, C vs D, E vs F on three screens and then another one to compare and rank all the individual winners). Also, what would be the key consideration points when conducting such a Max-Diff test?

Our sample size is 800, we are looking at gen pop and the total length of the study will be ~10-12 mins.

Please let us know your thoughts or if you have any other questions. Thank you in advance for your help,
asked Dec 17, 2021 by kshitijkumarsingh (300 points)
I've never done something like this before, but I would be wary of a typical MaxDiff approach where we try to show each "item" multiple times. I doubt respondents would watch the same videos multiple times as they are arranged for MaxDiff type questions.

Maybe you can have people watch the videos and then reliably references the differences for the MaxDiff questions (like "The video featuring message X" or "The video with visual Y" or something like that)?

You could also just plan on an aggregate model afterwards where each respondent maybe saw two or three paired comparisons of videos and then you run a single utility model afterwards that combines all the choice data (called Logit in the software).

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